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Private Karaoke DJ Services for Any Event

Karaoke at a wedding or private DJ event? Brilliant! 🎤✨ Singing doesn’t just lighten the heart; it sets it on fire with joy and passion! And guess what? At Buffy’s Beats, we’re all about amplifying that joy! Imagine guests of all ages, from your bubbly niece to your rockstar grandpa, seizing the mic and belting out their favorite anthems. The room will be bursting with laughter, cheers, and maybe a few dance moves to accompany those high notes! And oh, the nostalgia! Are you reliving those classic songs from your high school days? It’s not just fun; it’s a heartwarming trip down memory lane that’ll have everyone talking for years!

Why Choose Buffy’s beats?

With Buffy’s Beats, we’re not just offering music; we’re serving up happiness on a silver platter! 🎉 Our private karaoke DJ parties are the ultimate way to bring everyone together, creating memories that are both fun and deeply meaningful. Picture the bride and groom serenading each other, work friends singing together at the annual corporate karaoke Christmas party, or that unexpected solo from the quietest guest that leaves everyone in awe. And the cherry on top? You can sprinkle this karaoke magic onto any event for just $100 or go all out with our all-inclusive karaoke extravaganza! If your guests don’t feel like dancing (until they have had a few drinks), no problem! This package includes an expert mixologist who reads the crowd and gets people on the dance floor. Hire a St. Louis karaoke DJ company that can roll with the punches! Let’s crank up the volume, hit those high notes, and make your event the most epic sing-along party ever! 🎶🥳

Our Karaoke DJ service locations include greater St. Louis, Central Illinois, and more surrounding areas!


What Does It Include?

FAQ About Our St Louis Karaoke DJ Services

Our package includes pre-planning consultations, customized music, dance floor lighting, Master of Ceremony services, high-quality sound equipment, a professional DJ, and 4 hours of entertainment.

Our karaoke DJs pride themselves in offering millions of song options for you to choose from!

While you can pre-select songs, guests are also welcome to choose from our vast selection on the spot.  Our karaoke DJs offer services through Karafun which is totally interactive.  Guests can even queue up songs from their mobile devices

Absolutely! Our karaoke DJs offer basic dance floor lighting included with the package to ensure  the perfect mood for your event.

Our package includes 1 wireless microphone and 2 wired microphones.  You will also have 2 mic stands set up and ready to go.

With millions of song options, we’re confident we have a vast variety. However, if a specific song isn’t available, let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

This is an excellent idea for a wedding reception! Our setup supports both solo performances and group sing-alongs. Just let the DJ know, and they’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Not at all! Karaoke is about having fun and enjoying the moment, regardless of your singing abilities. It’s all about the experience and sharing it with others.

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