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Do I still need a wedding planner if I hire a DJ?

A question that has popped up a few times over the years is, “If I hire a DJ, do I still need a wedding planner?” The answer is absolutely yes! However, there are some caveats and in this blog we will break down some of the hard pressed details.

Can a DJ double as a wedding planner?

It’s important to point out that professional wedding planning is far more comprehensive and involved and encompasses the entire planning process from conception to completion.  Your DJ will guide you in creating the timeline for the day of the event, from the ceremony’s start to the reception’s end.  What the DJ offers is ordinarily plenty for weddings with a moderate budget and can eliminate the need for a professional wedding planner.  At Buffy’s Beats, we provide a customizable wedding planning worksheet, and with ongoing consultations, anyone can make a well-thought-out and precise plan for their ceremony and wedding reception

A wrench in the plan | An experience from DJ Nick


One time I showed up at a wedding reception to learn that the bride’s family friend would be orchestrating the flow of the night.  She was super bossy and set the alarm on her phone for every event (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.).  I never expect events to occur at exact times for anything because the flow of the night is always dynamic, and there is a method to the madness!  I told the bride it would be best if I had complete control of the timeline as previously agreed upon, but unfortunately she asked me just to do exactly what the wedding planner wanted.  That was a nightmare, to say the least, and I had to do my best to adapt and still make sure everything went perfectly.  If the DJ and wedding planner do not collaborate, then there could be two different versions of the timeline.  We work hard to be prepared for on-the-fly changes, but it’s best to communicate any changes to your DJ before the wedding day (especially if you are hiring an amateur wedding planner – lol) 

An experienced DJ knows what works best

The key to substituting your wedding planner for a DJ is experience. A seasoned DJ has seen the process hundreds of times and knows what will work great and what will affect the potential for awesomeness. As stated before, a professional wedding planner does far more than plan the reception/ceremony timeline and makes things easier for the DJ by keeping everyone in the loop and getting all your vendors paid. Your DJ can do all the footwork if a planner is not in your budget! With careful preparation and strategic timeline planning, your DJ can even find time to do all kinds of extra courtesies, like greeting guests at the door, releasing tables for dinner, or even helping to clear tables. Hence, there is more time for the dance party (which is what we’re really there for!) 

White glove service is one of the many perks you will receive when booking with Buffy’s Beats.  If you’re looking for an affordable and experienced DJ, get in touch today or click the link below to learn about our wedding packages!