Planning a wedding is stressful. Allow the industry professionals to carry the torch for you and ensure everything runs smoothly. DJ and photography experts are essential to a perfect wedding. Heres why ensuring you hire a professional wedding photographer is so important.

#1 – You want quality images and zero regrets on your special day

Cousin Mike is a photography hobbyist and claims to be the solution to your concerns about your wedding budget. Talk about gambling… Sheesh! I have seen this before with DJs, and it can lead to embarrassing and regretful situations.

A professional photographer will have the best quality equipment coupled with perfect lighting to ensure each photo is captured and properly photoshopped. Every photo is engineered to have a flawless balance of brightness and contrast, thus making it worthy of framing and placed on the living room wall. Repeat after me, “Sorry, cousin Mike, but we just want you to enjoy the party, so don’t worry about it.” Hiring subpar family members could be a huge regret you’ll be stuck with forever.


#2 – More time to celebrate with friends and family

The photographer is someone who will be with you the entire day of your wedding, capturing every special moment that you didn’t even think was important. Some couples contemplate taking their own photos because cell phones are great nowadays. Let me stop you right there! I get it. These cameras are ridiculous. However, they do not come with photography experience. Furthermore, do not take away from your precious time by being your own photographer when you could enjoy and celebrate your big day.
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#3 – Reliability

Holy crap, your photographer didn’t show. This is kind of a nightmare. Let me rephrase that, this is a catastrophe. After months, maybe even years of planning, cousin Mike is running a few hours behind and may need to find a replacement because his hemorrhoids are acting up again. At least have a backup plan if you’re not hiring a professional! Reliable companies will show up well before their expected start times to compensate for possible emergencies (flat tire, last-minute adjustments, etc.). They will also be able to find a replacement if the worst that could possibly happen does happen. Professional wedding DJ’s at Buffy’s Beats ordinarily show up two hours before the official start time, and they are usually set up and ready to go with an hour to spare.
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#4 – Reduces stress for your other wedding vendors (and yourself)

As a DJ, I am always relieved when a professional photographer is present who knows the ins and out of wedding photography. Simple things like sticking with the timeline of the day help DJs to limit on-the-fly changes which may catch us off guard and create stress. Speaking of stress, your wedding photographer will help to keep YOU relaxed with the feeling that everything is under control before the ceremony and leading up to the reception. Ultimately, keeping your bridezilla at bay!

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#5 – A photo is worth 1000 words

Look. I don’t care what cousin Mike says; a professional photographer is the ONLY way you will be taking home the PERFECT memories of your wedding day. The reason I count off the Bouquet toss (1..2..3..!!!) is so the photographer can try and capture that moment in all of its glory. The memories cemented in these moments and everything leading up to “I do” and beyond will be forever looked back on. After you become grandparents, you may look at these photos and tell stories based on the memories they resurface.

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Let the experts at Buffy’s Beats provide entertainment!

Many of these reasons also align with why you should hire a professional DJ for your wedding. When you go with the low-bid option, you will regret it. There is a lot more to wedding shows than meets the eye. We recommend Morgan Clawson for your Photography needs!